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What is Node.js Development?

Node.js is an open source and cross platform website development program. Node.js frameworkcan be a very effective framework and it plays a major role as it runs on V8 JavaScript engine, the core of Google Chrome, outside of the browser. It runs in a single process, without creating a request for a new thread, making the website development, a much more effective process.

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Why Node.js Development?

Node.js is easy for the developers to scale the application in horizontal as well as vertical direction. It allows the node.js developers to write both front end as well as back end using javascript. This makes the deployment of the web applications much easier as almost all the web browsers support the program that has been created using Javascript. A major advantage of node.js is that it has been regarded as a full-stack javascript for serving both client as well as server side applications. This makes the websites created using Node.js very convenient and user-friendly, thus having the ability to drive more traffic.

Node.js Development by Cyclops Web

Owing to server side programming, the areas of application for Javascript have expanded exponentially over time. In addition, it has also gained popularity due to its usage in various other platforms including Apache, NativeScript, Titanium, etc. We at Cyclops Web have a team of experienced node.js developers and highly enthusiastic professionals who can websites using node.js latest version. Our goal is to create the most unique designs for each of clients, which we also do using other technologies such as PHP and Angular.js.

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