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What is Opencart?

Opencart is a PHP based online store management system. It is one of the most popular and fastest growing platforms for small eCommerce businesses. Opencart is basically open source software which allows you to build your own online shopping store and helps you to set up a cost effective eCommerce business. It is in fact a powerful tool which helps you to make the best of your online shopping store. The user friendly nature of the software makes it quite easy to use. The Opencart installation process is very simple. Once it is installed, the user can choose a good Opencart theme, add products and start managing purchase orders, all through the same interface.

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Why Opencart?

Users around the world have found Opencart websites to be some of the best eCommerce stores in the online world. The software does not require a huge server configuration to run the website. Be it a big or small eCommerce business, unlimited products can be added in an Opencart website. Multiple currency compatibility is another feature of this platform, which helps in launching the business to a global level. Multiple online stores can also be setup using a single admin panel. Using this feature, you can sell different brands of products through different online stores. You can also set different Opencart theme for each store.

Opencart Development by Cyclops Web

For an eCommerce platform, Opencart is definitely the right choice when it comes to enhancing your business. Opencart is considered as the key for online shopping solutions that are sleek, efficient and easy-to-manage. Usage of this software could be quite simple. But the development requires special skills and thorough knowledge about the software. Cyclops Web is a software development company that consists of developers who have specialized skills in Opencart software development. Our team is motivated by the trusted patronage of our valued clients across India and over the seas. Our goal is to create the most unique and exotic designs with international standards for our clients. Place an enquiry now and get started with Cyclops Web.

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