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What is PHP Development?

PHP is known to be the second most popular language and a server side scripting language used for website development.Webpages developed in PHP are known to be much more interactive and aesthetically appealing. It runs on various platforms such as Linux, Windows, Unix, etc. When we club PHP code in HTML, it can be used in many combinations and also becomes a significant component for website framework. Over the years PHP has gained much popularity in the IT industry.

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Why PHP Development?

PHP is comparatively less expensive when compared to other programming languages. PHP programming is easy to learn and can efficiently run on various platforms and databases. It is quite safe to use as it is protected by various security layers that prevent threats or viruses. Another main highlight of PHP program is its efficiency. Users generally choose websites that take less loading time. Websites created using PHP has much better loading speed. PHP is not only open source and free to download, it is alsomore stable when compared to other languages.

PHP Development by Cyclops Web

PHP as a language for website development is immensely popular in the industry because of its efficiency, compatibility and speed. Cyclops Web is a company that consists of highly skilled PHP coding experts. We have a set of professionals who are proficient at creating PHP programs that can meet and exceed your expectations. If you are looking for a PHP developer, to build your website, your search ends here. Other than PHP programs, our in-house developers are adept at creating highly responsive websites on ASP.net framework as well.

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